Free Man (2010) - Full Movie Watch Online Free On GoMovies 123Movies

Free Man (2010) - Full Movie Watch Online Free On GoMovies 123Movies

You're watching Free Man full movie online free on GoMovies 123Movies. Directed by Mehmet Tanrısever in 2010, the movie rated 4.8/10 by IMDb, with summary: he story is real story that tells about a man's life who has a very influential philosopher that had lived in between 1877-1960. His name is 'Said Nursi' and he is originally Kurdish. But, he speaks perfectly Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, and Persian. He wrote and compiled too many books that had aimed to develop personal beliefs, the belief of faith, brotherhood, philanthropy, the loyalty of state, moreover, discovering the problems in Turkey; the reasons of weakness, poorness, ignorance, untutored, divisions in society, divergence, estrangement of ethics, religion. And to find the solutions of those problems.. And his struggle for doing this toward a secret committee.. On GoMovies you can watch Free Man (2010) online free instantly without sign up or any limits.

IMDb: 4.8 (3,380 votes)

Country: Turkey


Original Name: Hür Adam: Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Release: 2010

Rated: Not Rated

Director: Mehmet Tanrısever

Cast: Ahmet Yenilmez, Atilla Pakdemir, Emin Gümüşkaya, İsmail Hakkı Ürün, Mehmet Tanrısever, Mürşit Ağa Bağ, Taylan Güner


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